Icon Sizerator

Jan 23, 2015 00:00 · 147 words · 1 minute read javascript nodejs ios android

iOS App creators have a great time making apps right up until Apple App Store submission time when they have to jump through a zillion hoops in order to get their hardwork through the approval process and onto the market.

I decided to automate a small piece of this, so came up with a free service to help with sizing your icons the way you need them. I am very pleased to announce that Icon Sizerator is available at your convenience!

Simply go to the website linked below, and upload a PNG or JPEG icon of at least 1024x1024 resolution, and you will get handed back a zip file filled with all the sizes you need. I’m releasing the code under the MIT license for those interested.

Use the service: Icon Sizerator

Improve the service: Sourcecode at GitHub

Please do reach out with any comments or suggestions.