Apr 1, 2015 00:00 · 254 words · 2 minutes read javascript meteor

Announcing App #3 of 12, Brightside is a standalone service built on Meteor, which helps you look forward to events and count down the time until you get to them!

Ok so confession time. My month totally derailed. I had a few unexpected projects fall in my lap and a bunch of other things in my personal life that basically bumped my 12 Apps in 12 Months challenge. This month was supposed to be my first attempt at a Unity game, but it got pushed back and pushed back until I was down to this last weekend of March. And then that was stolen from me too. Last night, in a panic and with determination to not drop the ball on my challenge, I sat down with the TV on in the background, Hacker News in my browser as inspiration, and a lovely Muskoka Brewery Mad Tom IPA by my side. I had a quick think, then start to finish hacked this together in two hours. I apologize about the colour scheme. What can I say, I like orange.

This will hopefully be my last CRUD app for a while. Back to your regularly scheduled 12 Apps in 12 Months for April; I hope. :-)

Brightside is designed to operate either SaaS or standalone if you wish to clone the project and run locally. The backend is made up of Meteor, Node.js, JavaScript, and MongoDB.

Use the service: Brightside

Improve the service: Sourcecode at GitHub

Please do reach out with any comments or suggestions.