Announcing Kurly v1.2.2

Jul 4, 2018 10:57 · 174 words · 1 minute read golang kurly web https http

kurly is starting to mature, and with this release we’ve decided to focus on simplifying a few things that were cumbersome to maintain, migrate to a new platform - GitLab - for hosting the project, and take advantage of GitLab’s very clever and cool integrated CI/CD pipelines.

Thanks to GitLab’s incredibly sophisticated yet simply to use features, and some careful trimming of cruft, we’re now able to push out releases without risk of human error, and provide builds for way more platforms.

Announcing the public release of kurly, v1.2.2!


  • Gitlab CI/CD integration to build and archive the binary and associated files


  • Uploading files and Sending request bodies
  • Printing the headers of the Redirecting response
  • Rebuilding the URL when it has no trailing slash
  • Github references to Gitlab


  • Travis CI support
  • snap package support
  • rpm build spec file
  • Dockerfile

Binary download

Binaries are provided for the following platforms:

Project Source