Announcing Kurly v1.2.1

Mar 12, 2018 16:37 · 172 words · 1 minute read golang kurly web https http

kurly is growing well, both in user base and in developer contributions. This is starting to look like a really cool project!

This release was fraught with all kinds of nonsense cockups in tagging and updating version numbers etc. Myself and my co-maintainer Akilan had a good giggle as we realized yet another glaring problem. It’s time for this project to get professional and turn our attention to proper release engineering methods.

Without further ado…

Announcing the public release of kurly, v1.2.1!

New features include:

  • Improved verbosity
  • TLS Verbosity
  • Support for insecure HTTPS
  • Added man page
  • Behind-the-scenes refactor for future maintenance
  • Handle multiple URLs
  • Snap installation via desktop UI

Fixes include:

  • User-agent identifier

Special thanks:

The following contributors made this release of kurly a success. This release would not be what it is without their help! Thank you! 👍

Binaries are available for the following platforms:

Packages are available for the following platforms:

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