What I'm Thinking

27 February 2015

Announcing App #2 of 12, HomeSure is a standalone service built on Meteor, which serves to assist home buyers in visualizing their purchasing decision. HomeSure is designed to operate either SaaS or standalone if you wish to clone the project and run locally. The backend is made up of Meteor, Node.js, JavaScript, and MongoDB. Use the service: HomeSure Improve the service: Sourcecode at GitHub Please do reach out with any comments or suggestions.

Icon Sizerator
23 January 2015

iOS App creators have a great time making apps right up until Apple App Store submission time when they have to jump through a zillion hoops in order to get their hardwork through the approval process and onto the market. I decided to automate a small piece of this, so came up with a free service to help with sizing your icons the way you need them. I am very pleased to announce that Icon Sizerator is available at your convenience! ... Read More
If you are like me, you bashed your head against the wall the first time you tried to add an npm module to a Meteor installation. I changed into my Meteor directory and did a standard npm install module_name; this of course seemed to go fine, then when I launched Meteor, it crashed out with nasty errors about the module not being declared or something. So I added the require to my .js but still no dice. ... Read More

stride() over ranges
13 August 2014

Ranges in Swift grew a new function with Xcode 6 Beta 5. Now it’s possible to stride() over a range, that is to say, step through it in arbitrary increments, which I can see being pretty useful. Consider [peacock@trashcan ~]$ swift Welcome to Swift! Type :help for assistance. 1> for x in stride(from: 1, to: 10, by: 0.50) { println(x) } 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0 ... Read More
Apple have honed the command line tools to make a little more sense. The compiler executable that was also responsible for “immediate” mode, or shell-like execution, has been split into two. The compiler is now known as swiftc (which makes perfect sense to me), and swift defaults to immediate mode, therefore you no longer need to use the -i flag. alias swiftc="/Applications/Xcode6-Beta5.app/Contents/Developer/Toolchains/XcodeDefault.xctoolchain/usr/bin/swiftc" [peacock@trashcan ~]$ cat sup.swift println("'sup, Swift?") [peacock@trashcan ~]$ swiftc sup.swift [peacock@trashcan ~]$ ./sup 'sup, Swift? ... Read More