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Secure Password Generator
21 September 2016

For many years now I have been running a tight ship with regards to passwords, but I’ve always been uneasy about a single point; where do my passwords come from? Human beings are no good at deliberately introducing entropy; we’re just terrible at thinking randomly, which is why we need to rely on machines to do this for us. A cleverly constructed piece of software will create legitimate chaos, which is exactly what we need in a secure password. ... Read More
Recently I faced the annoying task of switching VPS providers. I am of course a good little SysAdmin / DevOps engineer so of course I had a lot of things automated, but when it came to the actual task of spinning up a new virtual server, I found that over the years a few tweaks here and there had led me to a position in that I had manual work to do. ... Read More
As I’ve set on a path to learn Golang, and decided to rewrite Icon Sizerator, one sticking point has been on my mind. It’s worth noting that my development system is OS X and that my production server is an Ubuntu Linux VPS. Since I installed Golang via Homebrew on my Mac, all I needed to do in order to gain the ability to cross-compile was: brew reinstall go --cross-compile-common This gave me ability to perform compilation for OS X, Linux, and Windows, all on various architectures. ... Read More
Publishing data in CSV format is highly efficient for transmission but that is where the story ends for most other use cases. The Canada Open Data Portal has a great many datasets available for analysis, and one such dataset is the Canadian Cheese Directory. This lists 1,400+ cheeses made in Canada, with details such as where they are made, how sharp they are, how long their ripening process is, and other such facts. ... Read More

1 April 2015

Announcing App #3 of 12, Brightside is a standalone service built on Meteor, which helps you look forward to events and count down the time until you get to them! Ok so confession time. My month totally derailed. I had a few unexpected projects fall in my lap and a bunch of other things in my personal life that basically bumped my 12 Apps in 12 Months challenge. This month was supposed to be my first attempt at a Unity game, but it got pushed back and pushed back until I was down to this last weekend of March. ... Read More